Multiple 2FA Security Keys Support Now Enabled For Twitter

As per the reports, Twitter has enabled support for multiple security keys to user accounts with 2FA (2 facor authentication) for logging into social network’s web or mobile interface.

Twitter said that users can now secure their account using multiple security keys. Now one can enroll and log in with more than one physical key on both kind of Twitter interface including web or mobile applications.

As per the announcement, the company also siad that an option for 2FA enabled accounts to use security key as primary authentication method will be added in future, while the other login methods will be disabled.

The term 2FA is technically an additional security layer for a user account which requires users to use a security key or a code in order to log in to account after entering a password successfully.

This method is actually a more secured way to assure that only an account owner can log in, and block any malicious log in attempts under to take over accounts by hacking or resetting Twitter account password.

Since many highly profile Twitter accounts were hijacked in the past, even when the 2FA were enabled and attackers managed to gain access to internal admin systems. Still, the users should choose 2FA to get better protection against less sophisticated hacking trials.

In order to enable the 2FA feature on your account, just navigate t profile menu in Settings and Privacy > Security and account access, and toggle on 2FA.