Mozilla officially launches its VPN service

Mozilla has launched its VPN service that can be accessible in total six countries worldwide including US, Canada and UK.

Like other VPN providers, this service improves the privacy and protection of the web session. Also, it provides device-level encryption and no bandwidth restrictions. You can access total 280 servers over 30 countries and connect up to 5 devices. The service sells for $4.99 a month.

The company claims that its service offers faster and smoother web browsing experience. To support this statement, they said, they use an advanced WireGuard protocol that has a third of the length of the standard VPN service provider’s code and a strong encryption.

Further, the company backs its reputation of its browser that focuses on users’ privacy. It claims that the company will gather only the details required operating its service and do not keep track the users’ data logs.

This announcement of VPN service launch includes pilot experiments in US including the text with a VPN extension specifically built into the Firefox browser. Users can use it to hide traffic traces with the browser.

The company seeks to expand in Singapore, Newzealand and Malaysia very soon. Also, it plans to Mozilla’s VPN availability for iOS users as well, but as of now, the service is launched only for Windows and Android users.