Microsoft Adds Several Unique Features In Windows 10

Microsoft has come into limelight again and it’s taking full advantage of it. Appealing news related with Microsoft constantly coming since the COVID-19 pandemic that also includes the launch of its upcoming Surface Duo smartphone. This time the giant technology company is in spotlight because of the numerous unique tech features that it is adding into its widespread products.

However, this is not everything that Microsoft is giving to Windows. In the next Windows 10 update, users will be given the access to robust voice typing and quick GIF searches. According to a new blog post by Microsoft Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc, a variety of new input methods are being added for users to take advantage of in the near future.

For the moment, all these programs are still in beta testing and there’s no word of an official release date at the moment. But for now, let’s take a look at what’s on floor for Windows 10. At any rate, it looks a lot more fun than what some of the last few updates included.

An integrated GIF search will be included in Windows 10 that can be used wherever you have space to type. When you type WIN + [.] and WIN + [;] on your keyboard, a searchable GIF database will appear for you to search through. The database is powered by Tenor, and will apparently be updated based on popular trends and hashtags on social media.

This GIF search is part of Windows 10’s popular Emoji Picker, which debuted in an earlier update to much acclaim. And yes, just like any text you copy and paste, you’ll be able to store your emoji and GIFs in your clipboard.

Apart from adding GIFs and emoji to keyboard options, voice typing (and dictation in general) is also going to be included in an upcoming Windows 10 update. The overall goal of the new features, LeBlanc said, is to improve the system’s ability to help you communicate via voice and text on your devices. Even though the actual time of coming of these features is not confirmed, it’ll at least be fun to try them out once they come.