Microsoft steadily moves back to push Windows 10 users on cloud

 As a month and year goes by Microsoft keeps away from its old model of PC operating systems  started with the shopping of Seattle Computing Merchandise’ 86-DOS, aka Fast and Soiled DOS in July 1981 and renaming it as MS- DOS 1.10, toward Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

So, if you are not having the fast internet connect, have it one as you will need of this soon.

People might not get this PC-to-Dash transaction and what the fundamental changes it represents. During 80’s, computers lay on mainframe and Unix-powered mini-computers and PC has a revolution.

Now, in 2020s, we are going back to a model where all real computing happens on the cloud. For example, the $1,399 top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Professional Max — is only a glorified VT-102 dumb terminal.

The Microsoft DaaS are with us with decades. However, the Azure-based model, Microsoft Cloud PC, is the new offering on the top of the Windows virtual desktop for everyone.

So, we can say, “We’re all going to move to a desktop paradigm this summer.” It’s a heck of a lot harder, as anyone who’s ever done a desktop migration knows, to actually do it.